CTO as a Service

Helping you at the early stages of your project to build  your minimum viable product, ready for customers or investment

Custom programming of cloud software solutions

Game Developers

 Do you need someone with years of senior technical experience to...


- help you evaluate your project?


- build your MVP?


- help you meet with investors? 

Love to provide technology consulting for startups. I’ve been involved in startups for the last 20 years, even founding some of them

Previous projects


Software as a Service

ListingOk is a service for Airbnb & Booking property owners.


It continuously monitors the position of the users property listings in Airbnb and Booking.com search results pages. 


There are millions of properties on Booking and Airbnb platforms. Ift is important to be in the first results pages or they will not have bookings.


ListingOk monitors the position of their listings in Airbnb and Booking.com search results every 24 hours using different criteria, so they can always be sure that their property is seen. If there is any problem with their listing visibility, the system notifies them so they can react.

Built on Microsoft's Azure platform. 

Languages: C#, TypeScript & SQL.

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Software as a Service

SaaS for Airbnb and Booking.com hosts.

It helped rental owners in managing their vacation rental properties enabling them to optimize their rental income.


It involved Mobile app and Web development, Data Scraping, Big Data and Machine Learning.

Built on Microsoft's Azure platform.

Languages: C#, TypeScript & SQL.


Mobile apps

MOVISOL was a Mobile Media Publisher of entertainment apps for Smartphone users. With 128 mobile iOS & Android apps published, it achieved more than 130 million downloads. It had always apps in the top 10 ranking for more than 2 years.

We developed our own analytics middleware and our own ad server to efficiently promote our products an 3rd party products.

Built on AWS and Azure. 

Languages: Objective-C, Java, Javascript, C#, SQL